Breakdown Bonanza

Picture the scene. Spun prop hub 5 miles from the boat ramp and 10 miles from where we wanted to fish. The boat could make about 5 miles per hour on the bad hub. We limped over to the nearest lake where my guest Ted proceeded to catch 6 Black Drum and 4 Redfish on the fly!redfish on the fly

Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Fishing Trip Winner

Fishing Trip Winner

Congrats to the 2020 Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Fishing Trip Winner. Bays and Clays donated the trip which was part of the bucket raffle to benefit the Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Team. The raffle was part of the fundraising at the annual shotgun competition including Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays.

The lucky winner is pictured with a black drum caught using shrimp and speckled trout using artificial lures. This was his first experience fishing with artificial lures.

Bays and Clays was excited to support the event and will be donating another trip in 2021!

Hatch #oneflyfitsall challenge

Hatch along with some other sponsors is having a One Fly Fits All challenge. The object is to post a freshwater pic, a saltwater pic, and a Smoking Release video of fish using only a chartreuse & white Clouser Minnow. So my goal is to enter all phases of the Hatch #oneflyfitsall challenge. I hope you enjoy my entry into the Smoking Release video category. Go to  for details.

Wish me luck for the Saltwater pic and freshwater pic.

Tarpon on the Fly - June 2020

Inshore fishing for Tarpon in the Texas Coastal Bend is a possibility. Problem is we don't have the population of resident fish and migratory fish that say, Florida has. The difficulty in Texas inshore waters is compounded by the fact there are many places in a Bay system where they could be and further compounded by the fact the window of activity for Tarpon seems to be very small. I don't think they move to far, but they do not seem to be in the same places all the time. With short windows of activity, it is a challenging game to say the least. Since summer of 2018 my Tarpon efforts have seen two tarpon hooked on fly by a fishing buddy, another fishing buddy got a cool eat on a soft plastic from a rafted up Tarpon. In that same time frame I personally have hooked eight tarpon, seven of fly, one on a spook jr. Out of those eight, I have got a leader touch on one, landed two, broke one off, the others saw the hook come out after one jump. Catching Tarpon is an act of patience and perseverance. On the days tarpon have been hooked, more often than not, that was the only bite(s) we had. Am I mad to chase these fish with such low production? Not really. I base my Tarpon fishing around certain tides and currents and chase redfish, specks, and drum

Sporting Clays - Photos

Here are few photographs of some 2019 sporting clay events to get the website going. In 2019 I attended Texas Sate Sporting Clays Championship, National Sporting Clays Chamipionship, and several club level registered target events. My son attended numerous 4H shotgun events including the San Antonio Livestock Show Scholarship Shoot, and the 4H Texas State Games Shotgun Shoot. Our home club is Corpus Christi Gun Club in Corpus Christi, TX.

Stay tuned for some sporting clays posts for the remainder of 2020.