Saltwater fly fishing baffin bay corpus christi redfish
Happy customer with his first red on fly.

Fly fishing and light tackle fishing from a polling skiff is the way it is done at Bays and Clays. The lightweight shallow draft skiffs are ideal fishing machines designed for sight fishing in shallow water but are also well suited to drift areas that may be holding fish and working deeper structure with a trolling motor. Getting out of the boat and wading can also be effective. Sight fishing for redfish with the angler on the bow and the captain on the polling platform is the ultimate way to fish with Bays and Clays. Working as a two-person team to spot, catch, and land a redfish is exciting for both the angler and the Captain. The captain on the polling platform generally has a better view and can see fish farther away than the angler. There are times when the angler will see fish before the captain. The combination of the captain calling out fish for the angler, making presentation recommendations, and the angler seeing fish on his own, makes for a fun and interesting dialog. You can trust that the captain wants the redfish to eat your fly or lure as much as you do. This method of fishing has been described as “Hunting with a fishing rod”.

Not all days or weather conditions lend themselves to sight fishing. That is where drift fishing or working structure with the trolling motor comes in. Bays and Clays are happy to put a trip together for anglers of any skill level. It’s always good to have a plan, but better to keep an open mind, be flexible, and adapt to the conditions. 

In addition, to fly and light tackle charters, Bays and Clays has a saltwater fly fishing clinic designed for two or more anglers. This is perfect for people new to fly fishing or for people who have never fly fished in saltwater. Individual lessons are also available. We also sell a few products related to this type of fishing.