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Sporting clays is one of the most popular clay target shotgun sports in the world. Sporting clays usually takes place on a course with enough acreage to safely accommodate 10 or more shooting stations. There are two target throwing machines that are set up to throw a variety of targets to simulate game hunting with a shotgun. The presentation of targets is almost unlimited, but usually fall into a few categories. Common targets are crossers, incoming, outgoing, chondell, battue, midi, rabbits, and others. Targets are thrown in two different combinations. True pairs  are when both targets are thrown at the same time, and the shooter has to decide which to shoot first. Report pairs throw a designated target first and the second target is thrown after the first target is fired upon. The different presentations keep the sport interesting and challenging. Target setters change the course every couple of weeks and can vary the degree of difficulty depending on the type of event. Difficult for semi-pro registered events to easy for fund raising tournaments. Other variations of sporting clays include Five Stand, and Super Sporting. The National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) is the governing body for sporting clays in the United States. Bays and Clays offers NSCA Level 1 instruction for beginning shotgun shooters or those new to clay target sports.